1 Month’s Rent Lease Fee
Attorney Prepared Lease
Professional Inspection Included
Comprehensive Tenant Screening
Online Lease Signing

1 Month’s Rent PLUS
Lease Preparation Fee

one time fee



Attorney Prepared Lease
Free Third-Party Inspection
Lease Preparation Fee
Lease Fee – 1/2 1st Monthly Rent
$350 Renewal Fee
Free Eviction Protection
Free 30-Day Rent Guarantee
Quality Tenant Guarantee Included
10% Repair Oversight


of monthly rent


Attorney Prepared Lease
Free Annual Third-Party Inspection
Lease Preparation Fee
Lease Fee – 1/2 1st Monthly Rent
$100 Renewal Fee Per Unit
Free Eviction Protection
30-Day Lease Guarantee Included
Quality Tenant Guarantee Included
10% Repair Oversight


of monthly rent

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What makes us the best Property Management Company:

Hampton & Hampton has been in the Property Management industry for over 20 years, taking pride in every property that we manage, whether it is an individual property, multi family, commercial, a tenant acquisition, or an investment portfolio. We are well respected not only in our industry, but among our Peers, Clients and Realtors. With our systems in place, we are fully accessible and work in a team environment, to provide you with our renowned customer service.

Property Management Process:

Our Property Management Process is extremely effective. We are completely paperless, enhance technology, utilize an on-line tenant application screening process to minimize evictions, and conduct move in inspections by a 3rd party vendor. The owner and tenant both receive a copy of the full report and photos. This process assists in reducing maintenance requests, and provides proof for security deposit claims.

Services that we provide include:

  • Complimentary Rental Analysis
  • Assisting in getting property in Make Ready Condition
  • Process/Screen/Approve Tenant Applications
  • Tenant Assistance with HOA/Condo Approval Process
  • Confirmation of Tenant’s Rental Insurance Policy is in Place
  • On-boarding of Tenant (orientation of Portal, HOA/Condo Rules/Amenities, Maintenance Requests, etc.)
  • Coordinate Tenant’s Air Conditioning Filter Program
  • Management of Condo/HOA Fees
  • Oversee/Coordination of Full Rehabs
  • Approval of Vendor Invoices/Payments
  • Coordination of Pool/Lawn Care
  • Enforcement of Lease including any HOA or Condo Rules/Violations
  • 3 Day Notices to Pay or Vacate
  • Rekey After Each Tenant
  • Security Deposit Reconciliations
  • Eviction 
  • In Court Security Deposit Disputes
  • Lease Renewals with Updated Rental Analysis
  • Coordination of Annual Inspection 
  • Full Owner Accounting including 1099, Cash Flow Statement

We Now Offer Estate Management Services/House Sitting