Everyone knows that Central Florida is well known for the tourist attractions in the Orlando Area.  Here are some facts that you may not be aware of, and why the Central Florida Market is one of the best areas to purchase Investment Properties.

In 2018, a record 126.1 million visitors came to Florida, and of that, 75 million tourists visited  Central Florida. Here is a fun fact breakdown of where they originated from:

1.5 million tourists from Great Britain

Almost 3.5 million from Canada

1.1 million from Brazil

Domestically, much of the tourists visited from Georgia, New York and Texas.

How is the Economy? Since Orlando is one of the top convention destinations and for family vacations, the tourism industry here is thriving.  We are also the home of the University of Central Florida and Full Sail University.  As of March 2019, unemployment in Orlando was only 3.2 percent.   According to the Orange County Property Appraiser, in 2018 there was 4.3 Billion dollars of new construction, single family homes, apartments, and businesses.  Distressed sales in Orange County are at a record low.  In 2018, there were more than 21,000 sales of single family homes in Orlando, and just 835 distressed sales.  Why is this GREAT news? The steady decline in the number of distressed sales is indicative of the continued improvement in Orange County’s real estate market value.

Orlando is a GREAT place to buy an investment property, start an investment portfolio, and in conjunction with our full-service management, we can assist you with earning that passive income, all while you are increasing your equity.

Do you have a home you are using as a Vacation Home? We can also provide Estate Management Services.

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