Knowing how to deal with difficult tenants can be tricky. Today, we are sharing five tips that may help you as a landlord. No matter how diligent you are during the screening process, difficult people can slip through the cracks.

Develop a Consistent Process

You must be firm, fair, and consistent will all of your procedures. Document everything, including the time, date, and issue you are having with bad tenants. Remember the saying that if you give people an inch, they will take a mile. That’s especially true with bad tenants. Make sure your lease agreement and rules are in place ahead of time and everyone has read and signed them. This includes rules and regulations in an HOA or a condo association.

Conduct Property Inspections

Sometimes, a personal visit to the property can help you assess what’s really happening over there, and calm your worst fears. Not everyone has the same definition of what an emergency is. So, if the tenants are complaining that the property is flooded, and it’s actually a small pool of water that has gathered under the kitchen sink, you can take some pictures and schedule a repair.

Prepare to Serve Legal Notices

Problems that grow without resolution only become bigger problems. Don’t be afraid to serve proper legal notices and warnings when warranted. Part of our property management in Orlando, FL process is to serve all our notices with a professional process server. That really gets the attention of our tenants.

Learn About Your Tenants

The old adage holds true: you get more bees with honey. Get to know your tenant on a personal level. Don’t ignore their issues, and no matter how insignificant you may feel the problem is, always take care of their concerns right away. A phone call or email letting the tenant know you’re working on the resolution will make a difference.

Release Bad Tenants from Their Lease

Finally, you can ask your tenants to leave. I always tell tenants that if they are unhappy, it might not be the right property for them. Don’t let bad tenants cause you stress. Settle with them and release them from the lease so you can move on.

If you have any questions about how to deal with bad tenants, please contact us at Hampton & Hampton Management and Leasing. We’d be happy to tell you more about Orlando property management.