There are no magic buttons or special tricks that will ensure you’re able to attract and place only the best tenants. However, by performing a little due diligence and paying a lot of attention to your tenant screening, you can get good renters most of the time. Today, we’re talking about how to avoid bad tenants.

Thorough Tenant Screening

Make sure your tenant screening process allows you to really check out a tenant. It should include an eviction search, credit checks, and a check for felony convictions. You’ll want to verify employment, income, and past rental history. Check each address that has been provided on the application, and match them to the addresses you find on the tenant’s credit report. Find out who owns these properties, because the owner may not be the person who was listed as a reference on the application. You also want to make sure the application is signed, giving you permission to check everything out.

Consistent Policies and Procedures

Always be firm, fair, and consistent across the board. Don’t fall for all the excuses that you’ll hear for unpaid rent or past evictions, like “I lost my job,” or “the previous owner was bad,” or “I had to leave the lease early,” or “they never repaired anything.” If your tenants are late with rent, make sure you post a Three Day Notice, and charge the appropriate late fee. Follow through with the eviction process if they do not pay within the timeframe after that Three Day Notice is served.

Provide an Appealing Property

Make sure the property looks good and is in working order. Don’t give the tenants a reason to withhold rent. Complete all necessary repairs within a couple of days of the tenant making a maintenance request, and document that the work was completed. This will avoid tenants trying to withhold rent and claim that no one came to fix the problem. Prior to move-in, take photos or videos of the property’s interior and exterior with a date stamp so you can accurately document the condition of the property.

These are some of the things that can help you avoid bad tenants. Nothing is 100 percent, but if you hire a professional Orlando property management company, you’ll get the best results. If you have any questions, please contact us at Hampton & Hampton Management and Leasing.