Hoarding in rental units can often be a major problem for landlords, and you need to know what can be done when you have a tenant who has been hoarding in your property. You might have a tenant who is simply a packrat, and tends to gather and collect a lot of possessions. Hoarders are different than pack rats, and their behavior is considered a mental illness.

Hoarders and Property Management Orlando, FL

Hoarding affects family members, residents, and members of the community. Hoarding is considered a mental disorder, which means you must protect your tenant’s rental rights when you’re dealing with these situations. Hoarders are protected under the federal Fair Housing Act.

Conducting a Hoarding Eviction

Many landlords ask – can you evict a hoarder? While no one wants to subject their property to the conditions that are often present in hoarding situations, you cannot evict a tenant simply for this reason. However, you can evict for other reasons. If the tenant has breached the lease agreement by storing explosive items in the property, you have grounds to evict. If the condition of the home has attracted rats, rodents, or other insects, you can evict. Tenants who house an illegal number of animals can also be evicted.

Getting Help for Hoarders

Just like with everything else, you have to thoroughly document your process when you’re confronting or evicting a hoarder. You will need written reports, photos, and videos. You can find a professional hoarding company to help with clean up and make referrals so your tenant can get counseling and other sorts of help. Give your tenants all the necessary and proper legal notices when you’re evicting. Don’t get confrontational and don’t find yourself involved in a fair housing violation. Instead, be delicate and compassionate and sensitive.
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